The Ryerson Rams Hockey Alumni (RRHA) has several objectives and initiatives …

  • Solidify the bond that we all share as a hockey family aka “Ramily”
  • Keep in touch with former Rams and maintain our ties to the current Ryerson hockey program
  • Give something back and support the current Ryerson Rams Hockey Team & Staff
  • Help the team continue to improve and be able to compete at a National level

99% of us had great experiences playing Ryerson Rams Hockey and many of us ended up with a pool of life long friendships because of the hockey program and/or the faculties we attended. A lot of us ended up with very solid careers because of Ryerson’s high academic standards and reputation. It’s great to re-visit those days and relive the experiences with our friends who have been there. Let’s continue to share those experiences and keep the ball rolling.

You can help by …

    • Attending RRHA events, such as the Annual RRHA Hockey Game or the Annual RRHA Golf Tournament
    • Contribute to one of the RRHA’s fund raising initiatives posted in the drop down menu below the “RRHA Initiatives” link
    • Come up with your own idea to raise money for the team and propose it to the RRHA if you want help

Once A Ram, Always A Ram

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